Drug Rehab Centers in Delaware Need Extra Funds to Combat Addiction

Delaware officials recently sat down with Michael Botticelli from the White House to discuss securing extra funds that can be used to treat substance abuse and addiction throughout the state. At present, state leaders feel that Delaware lacks adequate funding to effectively support and treat individuals who struggle with addiction. An increase in funding could help expand access to drug rehab centers in Delaware that treat opiate and heroin addiction.

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Delaware’s Lack of Funding for Addiction Treatment

Drug Rehab Centers

Many addicts can’t afford rehab on their own.

Delaware failed to receive new funds on the federal and state levels this year that could be used for treating substance abuse and addiction. Botticelli, who serves as the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, even worked alongside the Obama administration to increase federal funding that would help states expand access to addiction treatment. Unfortunately, Congress failed to fund the full amount requested, and states nationwide are struggling with addiction treatments as a result.

A spokesperson for a Delaware healthcare organization says lack of funding has made it difficult to track which patients have already participated in rehab programs, and which patients are currently using heroin or non-prescribed opioids.

In an effort to streamline the treatment process, the healthcare clinic requires all patients to undergo opiate screenings at each appointment. Patients are also asked to discuss whether they suffer from any existing opiate withdrawal symptoms. According to healthcare staff, the current treatment system is causing problems with recovering addicts in that it’s interfering with their motivation to stay sober.

Update: Women and Older Adults Can Benefit from Opiate Addiction Treatment at Delaware Rehab Centers

Why Funding for Addiction Treatment is Important

Expanding access to rehab facilities can help Delaware improve public safety and lower crime rates associated with drug and substance abuse. State-funded rehab centers also offer affordable treatment options for individuals who are unable to pay for rehab on their own. Treating opiate and heroin addiction can help save and improve the lives of thousands of Americans in Delaware, and across the nation.

State-funded rehab centers offer inpatient and outpatient recovery programs that can be tailored to each patient’s unique needs. If Delaware receives the funding needed to expand access to opiate and heroin addiction treatment, individuals who abuse these drugs can join these programs and benefit from detox, counseling, and education.

Most opiate rehab centers offer detox programs with medication-assisted treatments that help curb and minimize cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Patients can also benefit from a series of one-on-one or group counseling sessions, along with ongoing education on drug abuse and addiction to encourage lifelong sobriety and lower the risk for relapse.

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